Month: October 2020

sim racing ebrake

Racing Sim E-Brake

If your simulated racing needs are not part of the F1 Grand Prix and are more like a rally, it is important to consider buying a handbrake. With the help of handbrake, you can not only drive more actively, but also deal with tighter turns without wasting speed and time. We have researched this niche […]

sim racing shoes

Sim Racing Shoes

Since it first became an e-sports game, SIM racing has been a competitive and exciting field to test your racing skills. Just like racing a real car on the circuit, the shoes you choose are essential to achieving higher success! That is why it is necessary to have the best sim racing shoes when you’re […]


Fanatec vs Thrustmaster

Fanatec and Thrustmaster are two big Brands in the world of sim racing. Both brands provide a lot of things for simulation racers, and their products are the highest quality in the industry. However, there are some key differences between the two. So, which is better Fanatec or Thrustmaster? If you are a beginner simulator […]

sim racing accessories

Racing Sim Accessories

Hello everyone! Are you wondering which accessory you should buy to enjoy the best experience of racing simulation? Well, let us see. A lot of work has been done here to provide you with a one-stop catalog that lists every kind of hardware you may want to consider. If you are interested in purchasing simulation […]

sim racing cockpits

Sim Racing Cockpit

 A sim racing cockpit is the base setup to hold all other components of racing. You can add the racing wheel, the pedals, the racing seat, and the shifter. There are several features a racing cockpit should have to make it suitable. There are many cockpits out there, and if you don’t know what to […]

racing sim chassis

Racing Sim Chassis & Rigs

Without knowing what you are looking for, it’s easy to spend a long time looking for the perfect racing simulator. I want to help you complete the difficult task of choosing a simulation racing chassis! I will discuss what you should be looking for. How to Choose A Sim Racing Rig? The biggest thing to […]

sim racing vr

Sim Racing VR

How to Start on Sim Racing VR for First Time For a long time, the triple display setup has been the holy grail for serious analog racing fans. And there are good reasons. A properly set triple monitor setup has great immersion. However, this is expensive, takes up space and is complicated to set up. […]

sim racing gloves hypergrip

Sim Racing Gloves

If you are the driver, then the hand is the best weapon. no doubt. Our hands are responsible for feeling to a large extent what is happening between the vehicle and the track. In SimRacing, our hands have increased relevance. In most simulators, forced feedback is the only way to send information to us. Therefore, […]

sim racing shifters review

Sim Racing Shifters

When it comes to sim racing, gears are being produced frequently to make your racing rig have a complete feel. The sim racing shifter is one of the recent additions to a rig set up. Although it is not necessary to have a good game, it is a fun addition to your set up. A […]

Best Cheap Racing Seat

Best Cheap Sim Racing Seats

I have compiled a list of 10 chairs that can meet various needs. All players are different, their lives, space, budget and needs are different, so in the 10 players I chose, I tried to cover different types of chairs in order to provide the right things for each type of racer. What to Look […]