Most Sim Racing companies make steering wheels specifically for PlayStation or Xbox users, there are few wheels that are compatible with both consoles. You could surf the net for a while trying to find the best fit for your PS4, this article will save your time and help you choose the best PS4 steering wheels for Sim Racing. So buckle up (literally) and keep reading!

Before we dive into recommendations, here are some qualities you should absolutely look out for when making your choice.

Rotation: with some wheels offering unlimited rotation, settling for a wheel with a rotation of less than 900 degrees will be unsatisfactory.

Force Feedback: when it comes to full immersion, you need a wheel with a good force feedback to get a great experience. Force feedback will make you feel all the bumps and turns while imitating the real physics of a car. Some wheels do not give force feedback at all, relying only on rumble. You should definitely only buy a wheel with a good force feedback if you can afford it.

Construction Material: this forces you to think of the future. Some steering wheels may look fancy but what really decides the durability and wear after use is the construction materials used in making the wheels. These materials will also help in stability; wheels produce such a high level of force feedback that it shakes the wheel base, your wheel should be able to withstand this. It goes without saying that you should pick metal wheels over plastic ones, there are also fabric-covered wheels and leather wheels. Leather wheels feel better but it is ultimately down to your preference.


Thrustmaster always delivers when it comes to the manufacturing of high class racing wheels. This wheel is designed to mimic the type in a Ferrari complete with the Logo. The force feedback is powered by a brushless motor that is dual belt driven and can match other expensive wheels. It has a rotation of 1080 degrees and it come with its own set of pedals. The T300 is wheel licensed with Sony so you have a lot of game options. Other variations of this wheel is the T300 RS & T300 RS GT

This wheel is not the most expensive on the list and does not have the full features of expensive wheels but it is stable and affordable at 450- 500 dollars. Besides, the features of this wheel is far better than other budget wheels


  • Good force feedback
  • Brushless motor


  • Basic feeling


No one can deny that Logitech is a great tech company that gives versatile products with close attention to detail. The Logitech G29 is the best choice for a beginner, this is because most configurations have been pre-set and you can use it almost immediately after purchase. It is powered by a servo-motor that vibrates to enhance the force feedback. This is an excellent wheel because of its longevity and price plus it comes with the pedals at just 230 – 300 dollars. The wheel base has a built in clamps for easy attachment to any surface. Despite all these great features on a budget, G29 rotates only up to 900 degrees and feels a bit cheap.


  • Great price
  • Good force feedback


  • Advanced users may not like it


Thrustmaster keeps on delivering high class products, and older products before the T300 is the T150. This Pro version wheel has a well put together look with blue rubber grips on the side for easy steering. It rotates up to 900 degrees and uses a belt-pulley drive system to initiate force feedback. It is an all round great wheel but it is not as responsive as the more expensive wheels and the plastic construction material may feel cheap. It comes with the metal pedal bundle and is usually priced at 250 dollars.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with pedals


  • The plastic build feels cheap.


Fanatec should only be bought when you really take racing seriously. All the other racing wheels on this list are great choices but this wheel beats them all when it comes to the features. It is a direct drive racing wheel; this means that the wheel is directly attached to the motor so the force feedback is superb and guess what? You get unlimited rotation. This beautiful wheel is made of carbon fiber and it supports both PS4 and Xbox , it is designed to give the most realistic experience. It usually costs as high as 1800 dollars so you should keep that in mind.

Fanatec has also crammed the face of the wheel with buttons and switches and you’ll find all of them can be used if you’re willing to take the time to set them up. You have to be a bit advanced to really enjoy this wheel.


  • Unlimited rotation
  • Versatility
  • Great build
  • High class force feedback


  • It is more expensive than other racing wheels
  • The pedals are not included
  • It is specialized for F1


Unlike the Fanatec podium F1, the CSL elite is a round wheel. This wheel has a less busy look than the Fanatec podium and it is a belt-driven racing wheel. This can affect the usual expected quality of direct drive wheels force feedback but regardless it is basically a steal from Fanatec at 500 dollars. It uses a technology called DirectSensor to negate the intermediary effect of the belt drive on the sensor while rotating to up to 1080 degrees. This is an impressive wheel from Fanatec with a great force feedback and feel that is even used by professional racers to practice.


  • It has a professional look and feel
  • Responsive force feedback


  • It is not a direct drive racing wheel
  • Does not come with pedals


Whatever wheel you decide to buy at the end of the day is entirely up to you. This list is just to help you get familiar with the best racing wheels for your PS4. Some wheels are more suited for beginners than others but you can get the professional wheels if you want to take your Sim Racing to the next level.

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