Guide to iRacing Setup

Guide to iRacing Setup

There are a lot of reasons you need a guide to your iRacing setup. If you really want to upgrade your simulation racing skills, then having the right setup is the key. Although many people will have difficulties as to where to begin, getting your car ready to race in iRacing can seem devastating when you start and getting the right upgrades can feel like an unending process. Nevertheless, there are steps you can follow that will guide your decision in crafting the best upgrade for your vehicle. 

Check out this list of guidelines that will help you make the right decisions for your car upgrade.
Using someone else’s iRacing setup won’t get you all the way.

Making use of setups that are off the books can be a huge advantage, and you’ll likely get some valuable ideas that will aid you to gain extra lap time. Though, compared to racing in the real world, they are certainly constantly changing factors that can come into play, like the condition of the tire and circuit and track temperature. 

Not forgetting the changes in individual driving skills. We all have a conflicting understanding of driving skills, like how we drive around corners, how we apply the brakes, and how we maneuver through bends, so it’s appropriate to conclude that every racer requires different setups for their simulation races.

If you’re focused on getting the best ideas to develop the best setup for iRacing, it is very possible. All it requires is the If you really want to get into the details and build the best iRacing setup you can, you’ll need the skill to change setup by yourself that will perfectly suit your skill of racing, the constantly changing circuit conditions, and other variables involved. As earlier stated, adopting the setup of some other racer can be productive, but in other to have foreknowledge of your vehicle and how it operates, how to take advantage of extra lap times, and what setup will be the next move. You’ll have to run the setup yourself.  

Be sure your driving technique is excellent.

Most times, all you need to provide a vital lap time is but a little setup adjustment. Apart from extra lap times, a racer needs to have a mental comprehension of how their car behaves and how they operate.

When adjusting setups in iRacing, you must make sure your lapping is consistent. It isn’t just about the lap time, but also how you control the vehicle, like how you make use of the pedals and steering wheel.

You need to confirm that the base of your vehicle is functioning properly through each corner, with that knowledge, you can identify problems related to the setup and how you can rectify the issue.

Give clear and honest feedback.

If you’re certain of your car’s behavior, like what exile is preventing the car from accelerating faster. You’ll need to tell if the car is balanced or not when you turn at the apex and when you again when you put on the throttle.

These differences relate to different changes in the setups of iRacing, and as such, it is very important for racers to know their corners when racing and also the right amount of effort

needed to achieve that goal.  

This can be very tasking for most racers, mostly at the start of the race because a lot of focus is demanded. However, If racers are consistent enough being focused becomes part of them. And you can easily tell what area of the car is lacking and through what corner section.

Build your knowledge of mechanics

With your driving skill being perfect and your knowledge of your vehicle is covered to each phase of the corner, you’re in the perfect position to apply changes in the setup.

Although it is worthy of note that iRacing contains hundreds of setup tabs you could pick from, it’s quite challenging as to where to start from. To have knowledge of what to do, you need to have lethargically knowledge of the car’s functionality. 

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s quite interesting and it will make you a much faster racer.For your first move, you need to start by watching tutorials related to improving your racing skills, be on a lookout for clips on corner phases, trail breaking and weight transfer. Or better still, you can take advantage of articles just like this one that will help boost your driving skill and put you at the top.

Start with iRacing setup changes that are simple.

In the aspect of setup upgrade, there are some required adjustments that need to be made. 

One is a universal change. A universal change has to do with increasing the height of the rear ride of non-aero cars, much like the Mazda MX-15. With the height of the rear ride lifted, you’re practically moving the majority of the car’s weight to the axle located at the front.

Meaning, there’s a firm grip applied to the front with more of the corner and corner types fast, medium and slow, and this result is known as universal setup.

From another point of view, with some intentional adjustments, they’ll be tempering with the slow bump of the dampers and this may cause the car braking and comer entry to misbehave. 

If it can be tightened up, the vehicle’s front will be more supported, adding weight on the rear corner of the vehicle, having the balance moved to the rear side.

Note:  This will cause less oversteer on every corner entry.

In every real-world and simulation race, racers tend to understand quicker when things are explained in a lot simpler terms. When executing changes on iRacing setups, put it in mind that universal setup is a much-needed factor to succeed in iRacing courses, 

By so doing, you’ll have the luxury to comprehend the effect of setup changes on a car, and you can be a natural and can graduate to more sophisticated setup changes and get more acquainted with them. 

Wheelbase setup

Before participating in iRacing proper, you need to first of all double check you’re your wheelbase has proper setup. We will focus more on the wheelbase of Fanatec DD2 with much emphasis on the belt drive, as well as the CSL Elite and Club sport wheelbases. The tuning menu is one of the first places to begin with. This can be Let’s start with the tuning menu, this can be accessed through windows 10 dialogue controllers. If you’re having issues with saving the Fanatec installer on your device, you can decide to search for the game controller manually by searching for it at the window search bar.

The foremost step to take is to move to the settings of DD2 to carry out the calibration of the wheel and motor while at the settings tab, and then you’ll move to the calibration of the wheel center. Adjust your steering to be properly staged at the center, you can utilize the 12 o’clock stripe on your steering using. Using your eye to make adjustment is allowed, if you’re satisfied, you can proceed to click the calibration of the wheel center.

After successfully completing this process, a message will be sent to your OLED wheel base display screen confirming the process. Thereafter, you’ll move to the calibration sensor of the motor, to achieve this process, you’ll have to exit your wheelbase steering. Nevertheless, this can also be done automatically by the windows.

After the wheelbase has been exited properly, you’ll go ahead and re-open the dialogue properties of the wheel base and move back to the calibration of the motor sensor in settings and click.

Before the reattachment of the base wheel can be successful, you’ll have to turn its axil clockwise and counter clockwise and when this is finalised, you can move back to the property dialogue to observe the settings of your tuning.

After you’ve achieved the wheel base calibration, you can then proceed to tuning. The DD2 iRacing setting is near to driver version 346’s default, but not exact.

Before finalizing on the setup of your wheel base, it’s advised to do a swift check on your shifter’s calibration. When this has been activated, a writ up at the right side of the button will lead you to your next process.

Pedal Setup

You can consider using the Sprint pedals of Heusinkveld, which is looked upon as one of the best when it comes to controls in the world of iRacing. It only requires less work at its settings and is more of connect and kick-off. If you already have them installed, it’s advisable to run it with the smart control app of Heusinkveld. The app has the advantage of .exe file, so do well to download the versions suitable for your gaming. 

The pedal calibration is the first thing you need to begin with.

Its procedure is easy to understand. All that’s required of you is to follow the instructions and make definite you keep the pedals in a depressed state until you’ve clicked on the “next button”.Ensure you put the responses of the pedal on linear at the settings menu, with a little percentage of dead zones at the pedals top as well as the bottom. And be absolute the dead zone is left at a high, or you won’t get the privilege to apply throttle and trailing will be effortless.

iRacing game settings setup

We are fast approaching the end and ready for the race. At this stage, you’re required to make some adjustments to the graphics and controller setup by opening iRacing. Be absolutely sure that your installation date is updated and if it isn’t, you won’t be allowed to race or take testing.

Tap on the link for update, and they will be a display of items that are available for to be updated on iRacing server. 

Another thing to consider is the configuration of the automatic graphics in settings. To commencing with the configuration, the settings will be adapted, but it’s always advisable if the software has a go at it first.

With this done, your iRacing session is set to be open. To attend to the last subjects on the list, which are the setups for wheel and pedal, shifter, and graphics setting. We’ll advise you to take a car on track test via the track link instead of heading straight to the race.

Access the options immediately you advance into the iRacing sim. You can find these options at the top right side of the iRacing window. While at the options, you’ll find setups for brakes, force feedbacks, steering, and lots more.

When using force feedback, be absolute force feedback has been enabled. Linear mode is not required for Fanatec DD2. The strength level should be adjusted to 3.5 or 6. But you are free to try other strength levels to see which one best suit you. You can have the force of the wheel at 24nm. As earlier stated, the force of the wheel can affect you badly. If you’re new to iRacing, it’s advisable to start with lower settings.

We’ll move to the discussion of steering very soon, but first, let’s proceed to the calibration process, which involves the calibration input. It is very important to put the rotation of the steering wheel at 900°. That way, when you’re done, the setting will be showing 900°in above window. 

If the configuration setting of the steering wheel is correct, the inputs of the steering wheel graphic and that of the main options screen will be the same at 900° in the steering box.

Now, to beautify the racetrack, you’ll need the assistance of the graphics tab to achieve this aim. It is important to note that the resolution of the automatic configuration is responsible for the resolution setup.

It is always advisable to choose performance over detail, but there are other alternatives to minimize GPU and still have a reasonable amount of detail at a high frame rate.

These are some basic principles to help you achieve the above aim:

  • Utilize SPS for those Nividia 1060 
  • Performance should be set at the highest quality
  • Pit object’s detail should be reduced to medium
  • Event should be in high detail
  • Grandstands should be off
  • Crowds should be off
  • Objects should be activated to high detail
  • Particles should be put in high detail
  • Maximum Cars should be reduced to 12 cars
  • Maximum pre-rendered frames should be put at 3
  • Limit rates should be limited to 70 or 150 (But this all falls on the type of hardware used)
  • Frame rates should be adjusted to 70 or 150 (Depending on the type of hardware)
  • On track shadow maps should be activated

They’ve been cases where machines have difficulty in functioning because they have some apps working in the background, like the Aura application of Asus. Requires a lot from your PC. Once it’s uninstalled, you can kiss the lighting of your motherboard goodbye. 

After you’ve got the graphics settings running, you are ready to advance into the world of iRacing.

Car Setup

The moment you have all the requested setups like the iRacing, wheelbase, the software, and technical setup figured out, you’ll need to consider your car setup next. Such as the height, spring rate, damper settings, aero and lots more. This will predict the efficiency of the car in terms of speed and its handling around circuits. 

Know Your Car And Its Limit

Let’s imagine you’re reading this article because you intend to join the non-fixed races. Non fixed has the advantage of an already fixed setup ready for use, and this particular setup has made non-fixed races very popular.

It requires no adjustments, saves fuelling making it more of a racer’s contest. But in reality, it is essential to make certain that the mechanics of your vehicle is in place to achieve the fastest grid in setup. 

Be Acquainted With Your Car Before Applying Any Setup Changes.

When your car is new, it is important to take it out for drives for some time before applying changes.If you’re comfortable with the way the car functions, you’ll be able to point out its flaws. Like, entering a corner, does it require too much steering, or in a worst-case scenario, is it difficult to get hold of the car’s throttle when it’s at a corner and still keep it on track?

These are behaviors that are difficult to ignore and, as they can ultimately affect how soon you’re able to get on the throttle and how late you can apply the brake, they are going to limit your lap time.

Pro tip: Be observant of what happens to the car at the entry phase, mid-phase, and exit phase of the corner. Either you take notes of how the vehicle oversteers and understeers and locate the areas these are exhibited on the track.

This should be your foremost step to understand how setup adjustments affect your car. Proper observation and noting down all these characteristics are quite tasking at the beginning.

Watch records of the vehicle oversteer and understeer at all the corner phases, take notes and concentrate on handling the steering wheel.

Radical SR is noted as the foremost car that oversteers a lot, it takes a longer period of time to actually understand its differences. Communication with your vehicle is the most vital aspect to understand your car’s behavior.

Pro tip: You can make short clips differentiating between the setups available, like what causes the car to oversteer and what balances the car and make it faster. 

Observing the wheel, you can understand the car’s behavior. The foremost step is limited, and as such, it oversteers at all the entry phases.

The next setup defines the car grip at the rear side by creating a balance for the car. The unique part to adjusting a vehicle’s settings is to understand one easy rule, apply changes one at a time by doing so, you can tell if you’ve corrected the problem or worsen it.

Useful setup guides

There various methods to upgrade your comprehension of a car setup. Below are notes and links that may help you.

  1. iRacing Car Setup Guide 

On this pdf file of the iRacing car setup guide, it discusses some certain points needed to properly organize your iRacing set up like

  • Why it’s a read

This discusses the different garage sections that are available for each racing car at a simulation, as well as the role of each setup, and also explains how such setups may affect all the corners of the vehicle.

  • Some vital points to consider   

This part talks about the importance of baseline settings of the car and also emphasizes the fact that every racer needs to first carry out some laps in other to tell if the setup was actually helpful.

Making good use of the trial sessions is of great advantage, and when you have difficulty in reducing your laps, then it is required that you adjust it. 

It is advisable to carry out one set up at a time. That way you can easily identify the main issue effortlessly. In other words, setup requires patience.  

  • Meaning of oversteer and understeer  

As earlier explained, but for clarity’s sake, understeer simple means push and tight. This is when the angles of the front tires are different from that of the rears. While oversteer simply means loose. This is when the angle of the front tires is higher than those of the rear.

  • Brake Point

 This involves a particular step applied by racers on the track on how brakes are being applied, most good drivers with on the track reference on or next to the track which drivers use to start the application of brakes. Most good drivers start with an old-fashioned brake point and advance to the corner until they can negotiate their speed. This process is known as finding the brake point, maintaining a stable amount of pressure on the brakes at utmost control.

  • The turn-in point 

At this point, racers turn the steering, positioning the race car into a corner. 

  • Apex

A point at the corner that puts the vehicle at a correct angle or a good exit next to the section of the track.

  • The Track Out

This is the point where the edge of the car touches exit corner of the road and it is required that the driver keeps his hand straight without feeling load on the wheel. 

Road Course Chassis 

  • Front and rear tires   

This area focuses on the performance of the tire. Like the tire pressure, which has a very solid effect on every race, the performance of a tire is determined by its load. The more weight the car has on, the better the grip of the vehicle, and the lesser the weight, the lower the pressure.Increased pressure on a car tire makes it stiff, thereby increasing the car’s responsiveness to controls. The decrease in the tire pressure will cause the car to be unstable, thereby causing unpredicted moves when handled. 

  • Camber   

This involves measurement of the car’s alignment of the inward and outward turn of the car.  

  • Caster  

This has to do with measuring the alignment of the suspensions with relation to the axis of the steering. Caster improves the functionality of the steering wheel, making it straight.

  • The Toe  

This setting shows the direction of the front and rear tires. It is also a type of alignment setup.

The number of Toe possessed by an axle can be measured in inches or mm. The amount of TOE an axle has is measured in fractions of inches or mm and stands for the cumulative deviation off zero Toe.  

If two tires of an axle start working in a contradictory way, it keeps the car at a stable state when on the road. No matter how little the contribution of positive Toe is to a vehicle, it’s still able to give proper stability and functionality. 

There are also various types of Toe, like the front Toe, Toe in, and Toe out. All were performing different functions, like straighten the line entry of the vehicle, control the movement of the wheel, determine the car’s movement, predict the car’s speed, determine the wheel response and improve the car’s stability.

  1. Skippy tuning guide

This is another pdf that focuses on the most appropriate settings for Skip Barber Formula 2000 options at the beginner’s level. A few setting options are required. This setup may be the first required setup for tuning. It can be difficult for some people who are not conversant with multiple setup techniques. The main reason amateur racers struggle to gather as much information as possible on iRacing is a way of saying guidelines such as these are helpful in understanding the world of iRacing. 

They are six different tuning variables that constitute skippy. These variables will help a racer understand how applying certain setup changes will affect the race car’s functionality on the road.

Once you have a clear knowledge of the above variables, you’ll be disciplined enough to concentrate on your driving skills and have a mental readiness to handle other setups pertaining to other cars. Being equipped with such information, you’ll be able to climb up to the top of the ladder in no time. 

The majority of the most elite racers in iRacing simulation have in one way or the other raced SBRS, and a lot of them still consider racing there because of competitive nature. If you still have some unanswered questions, connect to the iRacing forum, and you’ll well be attended to.

Some Key points about Skippy racing

If you’re still interested in skippy racing or its time trial races, there is some vital information that is needed. 

  1. Practice, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Practice will put you at the top of your game, it doesn’t matter if you’re racing alone or in racing with others, or you’re participating in ghost racing. Always utilizing the track more often will help minimize your lap times improve your choices of setup options. 
  2. The next option is being observant. It is good to take notes, make a short video, or whatever way you deem fit to keep records of your choices of setup and some other ital. Information you pick on the way. There are provisions for setup choices in the iRacing garage, but it’s still advisable for you to write down the various setups and observe how they affect your driving.
  3. Never take for granted the centripetal circuit. This oversees the way the car is being handled and how it reacts to setup adjustments. Having foreknowledge on the stability of the car as a result of a setup adjustment and how the car reacts when it reaches its full capacity will give you an edge on the track.
  4. Finally, races most times get very extreme, and emotions can be on the high side, always remember that you’re there to have fun with fellow iRacing fans. Never take things too personal, as every available on the simulation was created for your own entertainment, and none of them is real. 


Try downloading some of these books online for more tips on how to set up your iRacing.

  • The ultimate care racing chassis setup guide
  • GTR Setup Cheat Sheet
  • Understeer and Oversteer Quick Setup guide 
  • F1 Setup Solutions 
  • Paradigm Shift Racing Flowchart Car Setup 
  • XSR setup guide 
  • Live for speed basic setup guide. 

Buy setups

Setups for iRacing can sometimes be the difference between winning or losing. With all the tips on how to setup your iRacing that this article has provided, you can setup your game by yourself. This can be time consuming, it’s good to have the knowledge of iRacing to some extent but if you want a professional setup done, you can always buy an iRacing setup. There are several options to pick from as to where to purchase setups. This is a list of some of the best ways to get a good iRacing setup that is definitely worth your money.

  1. Craig’s Setup Shop 
  2. Virtual Racing School
  3. Pure Driving School
  4. iRacing forum

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