Logitech G29 Shifter

Logitech G29 Shifter

There are a lot of Sim racing shifters in the market today. One popular shifter that is used by a lot of Sim racers is the Logitech G29 shifter. Sure, there are other popular shifters from different manufacturers like Fanatec and Thrustmaster. Although this shifter was first introduced in 2015, it is still going strong. Let’s take a look at why it is so appealing to customers.

This shifter is made with plastic, mostly except for the shaft of the shifter and metal gates for shifting modes. The gear stick is made with steel and also covered with leather. With this, you can not expect to get very strong feedbacks, but it works pretty well. Much like the older models from Logitech, it gives you a six-speed gate with a quick and accurate throw, along with an additional reverse gear that allows the gearstick to be pressed down and to the right. It’s pretty compact and unobtrusive to boot, and it weighs less than a kilogram.

  • Why is this such a great shifter?

One of the reasons this shifter is so great is the price. Yes, that’s right, it costs about 60 dollars, and On the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, and PC, it is compatible. Although the G29 operates on the PlayStation 3 (PS3), it is known as a non-shifter Driving Force GT, making it incompatible with the PS3. It is a bit of an upgrade from the previous G27 because that shifter was not compatible with Xbox One.

For the price, you can’t expect over the top shifting, the tension of the shifter is a bit slow, and changing of gears will take getting used to. But it is a good shifter too, because you would think it will not be durable due to the low-cost materials used, but surprisingly, it lasts for a long time. A lot of reviews boast of Logitech G29 serving them for over two years. This shifter was a great attempt by Logitech.

  • Would you recommend it?

To be honest, this shifter is a great choice for new sim racers, and if you don’t know whether you like the h pattern shifter or the sequential shifter, you can use this as an experiment because it is honestly one of the best cheap shifters out there. Sometimes you can even get it at the price of 55 dollars. There have also been black Friday deals where you can get this shifter for free. It may not end up being a test run as there is also a high chance that you will end up loving it.

With all that said, if you have an older version of a Logitech shifter like the G27 or G25, I will not recommend that you upgrade it to this. There really aren’t any new features to get you all hyped up. You can stick to the former ones and still get all the good features you will get from this too.

  • Advantages vs disadvantages

While the Logitech G29 is an all-around shifter, nothing is perfect. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of this shifter.


  • Short throws

If you read reviews of other shifters, you will know that throws are very important to racers. A throw is a distance you will have to move the shifter handle to change gears. Fortunately, G29 has short throws, and this can make a difference while driving. It’s not hard to get used to long throws, but shorter ones will change gears faster.

  • It works with other wheels

This shifter is easily flexible as it works with the wheels of Logitech G25 and G27; thus, it can’t be said for the latter wheels, so when you want to upgrade the shifter, you don’t have to buy the wheels and pedals for it too. Pretty cool, right?

  • Affordability

As pointed out several times, this shifter is very affordable. It is one of those risks you can take knowing fully well that you can sell it if you don’t like it because it was made by a popular brand. With the price range, it performs some fictions that higher prize shifters perform, like the Thrustmaster TH8A shifter.


  • Looks like a toy

Don’t get me wrong, and this term wasn’t just coined by me. A lot of reviewers had this to say too. This shifter doesn’t weigh a lot. While that may appeal to some customers, when considered with the fact that it is mostly made of plastic, it definitely doesn’t feel like what you’ll find in a real car, that solid feeling is missing.

  • Unstable mounting

Although there is a built-in clamp that comes with the G29 shifter, it may fall off. You may eventually have to hard mount the shifter together with the clamps. Don’t worry, and extra screws are provided as part of the shifter, so all you have to do is mounting.

  • Comes separately

A huge complaint from the Logitech tech community was that this shifter had to be purchased separately. Although it is cheap when compared to other shifters, the G25 and G27 came as a set with the corresponding wheels and pedals. It is a big change from how Logitech usually offered their gear, and it wasn’t really easy to accept.

  • Can’t be switched to sequential mode

The G29 is strictly an H pattern shifter, as earlier said, but the former shutters from Logitech had dual modes where you can switch to sequential If you don’t want to use H pattern shifting. It kind of feels like a downgrade when the former version can do a lot more things than the newer model.

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