Logitech and Thrustmaster are two popular sim racing companies with lots of customers backing them. They produce sim racing gear using materials of acceptable quality for affordable prices. Check out this review of Logitech G29 vs. Thrustmaster T150 to get our honest opinion of these two racing wheels so that you can decide which one to buy.


COMPARISONThese are two pretty standard wheels around the same price range. They are similar because they both work on PlayStation and PC only, and they were both released in the same year. That’s where their similarities end. Although they are both force feedback wheels, Logitech G29 is a gear-driven force feedback wheel while Thrustmaster T150 is both a gear and a belt-driven force feedback wheel with adjustable force feedback.

Thrustmaster can also rotate up to 1080 degrees, while Logitech’s wheel only rotates to 900 degrees because gear-driven feedback has a notchy feel while the Thrustmaster gives smoother force feedback. These two wheels are notably great wheels for starters who can’t afford a direct force feedback wheel yet, even though they are old models produced in 2015.


PRICINGThe Thrustmaster T150 costs 200 dollars on amazon, while the Logitech G29 currently costs 250 dollars on amazon (but costs 400 dollars on the official Logitech site). There has recently been a considerable price drop for Logitech, and the price was higher at 400 dollars. It is this cutback in expenditure that makes Logitech better than Thrustmaster. It will be too expensive for its particular offers at the usual price, but being only 50 dollars more expensive than Thrustmaster definitely makes the purchase worth it.


Logitech G29Logitech G29 definitely looks cooler than Thrustmaster T150, construction materials contribute to the end look, and the leather finishing from Logitech does this job pretty well. Not only that, Logitech made a lot of effort to look like a real racing car wheel and even added extra control buttons on the wheels, if you are up for that. Thrustmaster also has a right wheel with colored rubber grips on both sides, but it looks a bit empty compared to Logitech. It also offers some buttons on its wheels, although not as much as Logitech G29.

Thrustmaster T150 is made of hard plastic and rubber, while the Logitech G29 is made of steel and leather. When it comes to construction materials, you can tell that Logitech invested more in this. Although Thrustmaster is made of hard plastic and rubber (which sounds like materials for a toy), it feels sturdy and hard to touch. Ultimately, when it comes to looks and feel, we cannot deny that Logitech takes the cup for this; the higher quality materials and better design was a great choice.


PEDAL REVIEWThe Logitech G29 comes with a three-pedals set, including an accelerator, brake and a clutch pedal. Logitech  made the brake more progressive, providing more tension to give better control and immersion with a clutch pedal that lets you change gear easily. While the pedal base is plastic, it grips the while quite snugly and doesn’t slip.

Thrustmaster, on the other hand, offers a two-pedal set with adjustable angles. The pedals are also made of plastic and do not feel durable; this is completely fine if you are okay with the wheel and can get over the fact that there is no extra clutch pedal. It seems like Thrustmaster knows that their shortcoming is the pedal set so there is a Thrustmaster T150 pro that includes the 3-pedal set from Thrustmaster T3PA. It does not make much sense to purchase this pro version for a higher price when you can just get the Logitech G29 that comes with a similar pedal set for 50 dollars extra.

When it comes to pedals, Logitech offers a better set because of quality and quantity.


SHIFTER REVIEWThe shifters for these two wheels do not come with the wheels; you will have to buy it extra. The Thrustmaster TH8A add on the shifter is an H pattern shifter offering seven speeds with an extra reverse gear. It can also be a sequential shifter if you decide to change the modes (although this can be quite a hassle), while the Logitech driving force shifter is an H pattern shifter with a six-speed and an extra reverse gear. The roles are switched for these shifters, with Thrustmaster showing up with complete metal parts, inside and out. Logitech driving force shifter is also made with inner metal and outer leather covering, but it falls short compared to Thrustmaster’s shifter.

Thrustmaster TH8A is a lot more durable than the Logitech’s shifter, and the two modes it offers is hard to pass by. We will definitely recommend Thrustmaster over Logitech for the shifter.


In most racing communities, the name Logitech and Thrustmaster come up pretty often, as, for the performance of these two wheels, they both have great reviews and bad reviews. A lot of people prefer the Thrustmaster shifter because of the two modes it offers over the Logitech’s shifter. Although despite its look, there have been testimonies of the Logitech driving force shifter lasting for over two years before noticeable glitching begins. With the mixed feelings between these two wheels, it is hard to tell which one is better than the other from video games communities.


You can reach Logitech by visiting one of their offices open from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday or calling a customer care number. You can also send an email to their customer service or contact them using a contact form, while for Thrustmaster, it’s pretty the same process, except the contact form is more extensive.

Considering all the factors, especially the cutback on the price, the Logitech G29 is the obvious choice. It has a great wheel, nice pedals, and has an overall great look while giving good force feedback. Thrustmaster is also one of the best wheels you can find for its price range. If the price of Logitech G29 reverts to its previous 400 dollars, you should definitely get the Thrustmaster T150 instead because it gives an almost similar experience. The choice of Logitech as the better wheel is entirely dependent on the price slash.



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