Logitech has been giving high quality sim racing gear for years and it is one of the most trusted companies in the tech market. The Logitech G29 is a great frequently discounted racing wheel for a beginner. It replaces the G27 with additional features that greatly improves its predecessor. With lots of racing wheels in the market, it may be hard to pick the right one. This review completely outlines the positive and negative aspects of the Logitech G29 driving force wheel and pedal set to show you why it’s one of the best wheel you can invest in.

System Overview

Logitech G29 comes with pedals and a wheel base. The wheel base gives a powerful force feedback so you will have to install it on a durable wheel stand or on your desk if you are a beginner. The pedals and the base have three cables: a USB cable, a power cable and a cable to connect the base and the pedal. It has a dual motor force feedback and it is very easy to set up. If you know what you are doing, the wheel can be up and running in under 20 minutes of unboxing.

This wheel has configuration settings to suit the taste of the user. For example you can adjust the sensitivity of the pedals. There is an array of a number of buttons plus positive and negative buttons for traction control. An extra addition is a LED light at the top of the wheel central column, this lights up to tell you when you need to change gear. This light is surprisingly effective and is pretty handy too.


This is the defining factor of most racing wheels. Users often check the compatibility of wheels before they buy it. Logitech G29 has been licensed for PlayStation and it can be used on PC as well. It is also compatible with a lot of Sim racing games like Assetto corsa, DiRT 4, F1 and Project Cars and so many others. The alternate version of this wheel is the G920 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Construction material

The design of this wheel is not only great but it is made with high class materials as well. The wheel rim is trimmed in thick faux leather with thick hand stitching holding it to the metal rim, it is 16 inches in diameter and has 14 buttons, there is also a blue metal 12 o’clock marking that makes the wheel look authentic. Metal (stainless steel) gear shift paddles and brushless stainless steel pedals complete the well-built construction of this wheel. This feel of this wheel can compete with that of real racing cars. No kidding, the leather wrapping of the wheel makes you get quality physical experience. Logitech does not only give you a strong wheel and pedal set with the G29, you get class too.

The Base and Wheel

You can always count on Logitech to deliver a sleek looking wheel, with a 900° rotation angle. The leather of this wheel is hand stitched and the base has dual motor force feedback, it still has the helical cut feedback from the G27 which requires little cooling and will give you a quieter experience than some other racing wheels. The dual motor force feedback is great because you feel every motion of the car to help you control the game better but the feedback may be muted when the gears are centered. This is to make the wheel last longer by using less kinetic energy but some users may notice the muting.

The Pedals

Logitech G29 wheels comes with a pedal set as a standard so you don’t have to buy it separately. The pedals come with an extra clutch pedal for more versatility. The pedal set is non-linear which gives you a more realistic braking sensation. It is also extremely responsive and it is well tuned by default, already set to mild resistance. You don’t have to spend hours configuring the pedals, you can use it with the company settings. The only downside to this pedal set is the plastic base, it doesn’t give the greatest feeling but everything else about the G29 pedals is great and definitely an improvement of the older models.

Logitech Driving force shifter

Although this doesn’t come with the wheel and pedal set, some users eventually buy the Logitech driving force shifter to complete the ensemble. This H pattern shifter has 6 speed with a push down reverse move. It is compact in design and is almost entirely covered in leather. This shifter is a great addition to the wheel, it improves the racing experience and performance. One notable feature is the short throws it takes to shift gears, this is a usual complaint for other shifters but the driving force shifter fixes this. This is not a compulsory piece but it is a pretty cool addition.


On amazon, Logitech G29 price can start from 200 dollars for both used and new while the official Logitech website sells at a retail price of 250 dollars. This racing wheel has had a lot of great positive reviews with most users claiming that they have used it for a long time without any faults. Overall, the features of this wheel makes it one of the best in the market for the price. It has a great design, it is well built, durable and easy to use for beginners and experienced racers, you can use it for hours without it getting hot and it is reliable. If you are want to dive into the world of Sim racing without spending outrageous fees for the wheel and pedal alone, this is the wheel for you. Besides, almost all the configurations are pre-set so you can start racing immediately.

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