To be direct, these are the three best options for a three-piece monitor:

BenQ EX3203R 31.5”
AOC C32G1 32″

I would strongly suggest you get three of the same model, that way you can ensure a smooth experience. 

Let’s be real, when it comes to Sim racing, a 3-monitor or triple screen set up is the perfect way to fully immerse in the game. All professional racers want to feel like they are in an actual race car, it makes sense that your surrounding visuals should match as well.

Everyone deserves the best setup possible for gaming. If you have a cool racing seat, wheels and pedals, a triple monitor will definitely give you an added advantage. Dual monitors will also make gaming more interesting but a triple monitor completely covers your side views and your front view. Check out these

reasons why a triple monitor setup should be the standard for Professional PC Sim racers.


  • A triple monitor setup greatly increases your perspective. This does not mean that you turn side to side while racing, just a peripheral view of your surroundings will give you an advantage over other competitors. Plus it looks awesome.
  • In a game like Sim racing where you are the driver and the main character, superior display will make you react faster. Most profession racers use the triple screen setup so if you want to beat the best, you should have a high quality gaming rig.
  • Some users will opt for an ultra wide single screen monitor as opposed to 3 monitor. This is also a good alternative but the range of the triple screen is wider and ultra wide monitors are usually very expensive.


  1. Choose a reliable monitor brand

Some good choices include the ASUS ROG 27”, the BenQ EX3203R 31.5” and AOC C32G1 32”, all of these monitors have been rated very high  by professional gamers and are great choices, the AOC is frameless so you can be sure of zero screen breaks, the BenQ model is ultra thin and curved, this is very appealing to gamers who love luxury gear and the ASUS is very affordable.

It is possible to use different monitor models for your 3 monitor view but it is usually discouraged because your screen may end up looking weird especially if the monitors have different resolution and size. Just pick a brand and get 3 monitors.

  1. Check specifications carefully

This is an important step because monitors have different specs. You need to check the resolution, the size, refresh rate, response rate, G-sync/ free sync. The least refresh rate you should aim for is 144Hz with a resolution of not less than 1080p. You don’t necessary need the widest screen because you will be combining 3 screens so you can choose monitors of 24 inches but not below.

While checking specification, ensure that you have a good GPU that can handle the bulk of 3 monitor connectivity. Yes, I am talking about the graphics card, this is basically what confirms the possibility of using a 3 monitor setup, and you can also buy a specific graphic card like NVIDIA for your GPU if yours is not up to standard.

  1. Start connecting and setting up

After you have checked out all your monitors to ensure that the HDMI or display port connection option, start connecting to your GPU. You will need only one screen for the setup process so don’t be freaked out by how the other screens look at this stage.  

Click on the control panel for your graphic card, you can configure your surrounding by selecting the resolution, monitor order and bezel correction. Conclude the setup by clicking on enable surrounding. For simulated racing, you may have to carry out additional setting for the particular game. Most games support triple screen so there is a high compatibility chance for every Sim racing game.

Triple monitor screens may take up a large space so you have to make sure that you clear out space for it. It is not unrealistic to get good monitors for a total of $600 (this is cheaper than some wheel bases), some racers even buy a fourth monitor for communicating with teammates. A 3 monitor setup may seem like extravagance but there are a lot of pros to having this type of setup and close to zero cons. it is definitely worth it.

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