With Sim racing becoming more popular by the day, extra equipment for racing rigs like sequential shifters are on high demand. You can race with paddle shifters but real Pros like to go for the sequential gear stick shifters, it feels more realistic and looks great as well. Here is our pick for the top 5 sequential shifters out there.
Before we dive into the best sequential shifters, there are some things you should consider before buying a sequential shifter. The first thing you should know is that there is the H pattern shifter and the sequential shifter. For the H pattern, you move the stick in different directions following the H shape to change gears but for sequential shifter, you save time by either moving the stick up or down to upshift or downshift.
Before getting a sequential shifter, you have to consider the price, quality of building materials and brand. For console users, if you have a Thrustmaster wheel, you may have to buy a Thrustmaster shifter as well but for PC users, this will not be a problem. Shifters can completely change your Sim racing experience and it is possible to get affordable shifters. Let’s dive into the best sequential shifters.


Fanatec is definitely a huge name in Sim racing and it should not be surprising that their shifter tops the list for us. The first thing you notice with this sequential shifter is that it is fully made of metal so it feels sturdy and durable. Another cool thing is that you can switch between H-pattern shifting and sequential

shifting by flipping a switch.

Even with the two modes, in sequential shifting mode, Fanatec clubsport shifter gives a reliable feedback. It is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox and PC; you can clamp it on your rig or bolt it to your desk. The sleek design ensures that it fits well with anything.


I just love products that are second in a series. You have probably noticed this but the Pro Sim Lite shifter V2 is an improvement of the V1 version and you can tell that they take upgrades seriously. This “Lite” version of the Pro Sim V2 shifter is more compact and lighter so it is a better choice for our list. It is simply a sequential shifter made in partnership with the real race car company “Quaife”. It is tough with magnetic switches for swift changes. The only downside is that it is only compatible with

PlayStation and PC.


This portable shifter can fit in the palm of your hand. It is restricted only to sequential shifting without other fancy features. In addition to the compact design, Heusinkveld decided to replicate the short throws shifting technique in junior formula cars so that gear shifting can be achieved as fast as possible. Another cool thing is that you get 3 different knobs when you purchase this shifter; a sequential knob, a teardrop knob and a circular knob.

Although it can easily fit anywhere from a desk to a full racing rig with its follow-come mounting system, it is only compatible with PC via USB so console users will miss out on this.


This shifter was made by two big companies, Thrustmaster and Sparco. It doubles as a sequential shifter or a handbrake depending on the version you set it. I mean, usually shifters are either H-pattern or sequential, this is one of the few handbrake/sequential shifters out there. Handbrakes can come in handy for rally games like DiRT rally.

It is almost entirely metal and manufactured in Germany and the lever can be adjusted. The

Thrustmaster TSS Sparco MOD is also compatible with PC, PlayStation or Xbox.


The Thrustmaster T8HA is one of the most popular shifters with a unique design. Although it is usually marketed as an H-pattern shifter, it can actually be used as a sequential shifter as well. When purchasing the T8HA, it is shipped with an alternate top plate that can be switched out with the default H-pattern top plate. It is compatible with PC, Xbox and PlayStation but it may be a hassle to switch between the

two modes.

Each shifter has their pros and cons but if you are looking for a great sequential shifter to kick start your Sim racing or support your long-time racing, the shifters on this list is definitely a great place to start.

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