Setting up your sim racing rig can sometimes be very stressful, from getting the seat to the wheel and pedals, screens, shifters, and many more extras. Another important addition to your racing simulator rig is the stand. A sim racing stand is where your wheels and pedals can be mounted on, you can go for a cheaper alternative in the form of a clamp, but you get so much more with the sim racing stand. It is essential to have that connection between all your sim racing gear, and a stand does bring it all together.

Benefits Of A Sim Racing Stand


One of the reasons most people buy a wheel stand is because it is more stable than a desk clamp. These sim racing rigs are usually made of metal with a lot of structural considerations to ensure that they stay put at all times. The only reason your cockpit will have to collapse is when the rig is not stable, this can also be caused by using wheels that give stronger force feedback than what your cockpit can handle. If you can afford a stand, you should go for it, not just for your wheels and pedals, and there are also stands for screens too.

Sim racing beginners usually misunderstand that a stand will be a new addition to their home that will be hard to store. This is not a problem for racing enthusiasts who have a designated area in their homes just for sim racing. Some stands are foldable and can be stored when it is not in use depending on the manufacturer, so storage is not a problem when you think of the stability that a racing stand will bring.


Unlike wheels and pedals that may not be compatible with some game consoles, shopping for a racing sim stand is relatively easy. Because so many products from different manufacturers make up a racing rig, chances are the stand you buy will be compatible with more than one type of wheel. Of course, you still have to check the specifications when buying a stand, but this allows you to change wheels without changing the stand, too if you wish to. You can also order a stand that fits your specifications.


 When using a desk clamp, you will not adjust things like the height and angle of your wheel. A stand gives you the option of customizing your wheel and pedal position to your taste. This option will be useful to people with a larger build, and you will not have to look for a desk that will complement your height, just get a sim racing to stand to do the work for you.

You should not overlook the comfort a wheel stand brings to your racing experience. Imagine going back and forth trying to find the perfect position for your wheel, then another cycle to position your pedals and stick shifter. This endless loop of sitting, testing then sitting again will be frustrating, especially when it slips from the position it was set in. A stand will not only make you more comfortable, but it may also make you a better player because you can make riskier maneuvers knowing fully well that your racing sim stand is sturdy enough to withstand the impact.

Examples Of Sim Racing Stands

Now that we know the advantages of getting a sim racing stand, the next step is purchasing one. There are many options to pick from; these are some of the best sim racing stands to help you get started.


Next Level DD standAs the name implies, this wheel stand is explicitly made for direct drive racing wheel users, targeted towards professional racers mostly. It costs a whopping 300 dollars, but it might be well worth the price with the high-class features. There are cheaper next level wheel stands like the lite version for less experienced racers. This wheel stand is made from carbon fiber, which is durable but light; it takes portability further by giving the attachment option for front wheels to help with easy movement. You can roll it to a corner when it is not in use.

Although it can only be paired with a similar high-quality cockpit, It is very sturdy and can withstand most of the force feedback from a direct drive racing wheel. When you speak of excellence in build, it cannot get any better than the next level wheel stand DD.


  • Excellent build and quality.
  • Very stable.
  • Perfect for professional racers.


  • It can only be used with a direct drive racing wheel to get the full experience.


Omega-APEX-Racing-Wheel-StandThis racing wheel stand is compatible with PlayStation, PC, or Xbox and can be bought for 160 dollars. This is the perfect racing stand for racers who do not have enough space in their homes, it can be folded and stored when not in use, and you do not have to remove your racing gear for it to be folded. GT omega racing company also manufactures other sim racing gears like seat and cockpits, so you can trust that they have a lot of experience producing sim racing gears. Looking at the build of the stand, the first thing that comes to mind is its stability. It has a sturdy look but is not exactly fancy. The GT omega apex is compatible with Logitech, fanatec, and thrust master wheels.

It has rubber grips to keep it stationed to the floor for balance, and you can also adjust the height from 67cm to 86cm. This sim racing stand is not specifically targeted towards professional racers. That is why it can also be used for chairs and couches if you cannot afford a sim racing seat yet. In terms of angles, your pedal plate and wheel plate can be adjusted to any position that you want with a stick shifter mount that can be placed on the right or left side for right-handed or left-handed people.


  • It is suitable for all levels of racers: beginners, intermediate and professional racers.
  • It is affordable.
  • You can collapse it for easy storage.
  • It is one of the few stands that you can fold without removing the attached gear.


  • It is not made with very high-quality materials.

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