SIMUCUBE : Why we think it is worth the Hype

In Sim Racing, there are some pretty popular companies like Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec.  Simucube is also a Sim racing Technology Company that is topping the charts right now. So, is Simucube worth the hype? Simucube is usually compared with high tech racing wheel bases from Fanatec because of the attention to detail. In this article, we will tell you everything about Simucube and all of the products they offer so that you can decide if Simucube is definitely a brand to look out for.

First let’s know exactly what Simucube manufactures. Simucube is most popular for their direct drive racing wheel bases which only few companies have mastered the art of. With several certified resellers globally, Simucube products range from 1000 to 1500 dollars which is typical of direct drive racing wheel bases. Because Simucube only produces wheel bases, their products are made without user serviceable parts so that they can last a lifetime without consistent servicing.

Simucube’s latest masterpiece is the Simucube 2 Sport/ Pro/ Ultimate which is a full upgrade of their previous Simucube 1. Keep in mind that Simucube 1 was actually praised by world champion Sim racers back in 2019 and Simucube 2 just takes it to a whole new level. Take a look at a full review of these Simucube 2 Racing wheel bases.


When you get a Simucube 2 sport, you will automatically become a high end Sim racer. Don’t get me wrong, racing with belt or gear driven racing wheels can be nice but the difference between direct force feedback racing wheels and alternatives is undeniable. By connecting your wheel directly to the wheel base, the response is not watered down in any way leaving you with pure bliss while racing.

SC2 Sport has a maximum torque of 17Nm with a weight of 8 Kg costing €1270. This wheel also comes with a quick release function that supports thousands of swaps to different racing wheels. SQ2 is compatible with most direct drive racing wheels in the market and can be connected with a USB or the new wireless wheel support.


When you are a professional Sim racer, you have to move go a step further than the Simucube 2 Sport. This Pro version has a maximum torque of 25Nm and costs €1470. When it comes to the top racing wheel bases like the Fanatec podium DD1 and DD2, they have peak torques of 20Nm and 25Nm respectfully. SC2 Pro takes direct drive performance to a whole level as the second racing wheel in this series. The quality force feedback blurs the virtual world by giving real life experience.

This high response speed wheel base has a weight of 11.1 Kg with all the features of the SC2 Sport and a little more. This Pro wheel base also has higher response rate motor. Professional racers who want a little more than the sport version will feel right at home.


If SC2 Pro is known as the professional version then Simucube Ultimate must be the Elite version. This racing wheel base was built for professional racers who want to practice during their off days and Esports racers who pay attention to detail where every nanosecond can make a huge difference. SC2 ultimate does not only have a max torque of 32Nm, it also uses an Austrian based industrial motor that delivers maximum Simulation.

Simucube has mentioned that this wheelbase is designed with “only the best is good enough” mindset. With a price of  €3170, it comes with a power switch and stop button due to the high torque along with a whopping 60-months warranty.


  • Say goodbye to overheating as the passive cooling feature automatically puts out the heat and the best part is, this is done by motors so no noisy fans either.
  • Almost completely built with metal. The more metal parts a Sim racing gear has, the more durable it is.
  • Ultra low latency ensures that the feedback is gotten in real time with zero delay.


  • All of the Simucube products are expensive.

All of Simucube racing wheel bases offer direct force feedback, this means that you would need a compatible wheel stand or mount. Remember that the force feedback from direct drive wheels can pack a punch so low-quality wheel stands may collapse. Luckily, the Simucube website also suggests distributors for specific hardware like rigs, wheels and pedals.

Simucube may not be as popular but it is definitely making all the right moves and is surely a brand to look out for.

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