It doesn’t matter if you are a new Sim racer or a veteran, Thrustmaster is a brand name that you will definitely hear when you want to set up your Sim racing rig. Thrustmaster is an American designer of game steering wheels, joysticks, pedals and controllers for gaming consoles like PlayStation, PC and Xbox. Thrustmaster has been developing high-tech video game gear for over 30 years after its initial launch in 1990, with these years of experience, it is easy to trust Thrustmaster for your sim racing gear.

Thrustmaster offers a wide range of equipment and it is categorized for PCs, PlayStation and Xbox on their official website for easy navigation. Unfortunately, Thrustmaster will not give you your complete rig as there are no Thrustmaster seats, stands or mounts but on the bright side, you get crazy cool wheels, pedals and shifters.


The best sim racing wheels will give you a heightened simulation experience. Thrustmaster usually tops the charts for best sim racing wheels reviews. There are two Thrustmaster wheels that stands out by popular demand and that is the Thrustmaster T300 RS and Thrustmaster TX.

Thrustmaster T300 RS

This wheel gives a high-quality force feedback for rally and in track games like F1 and Project CARS. You will feel every shake and bump because of the force feedback, in fact it may leave your hands shaking when you crash in the middle of a game. This wheel has a 1080 degrees rotation angle, rumble as well as force feedback and it weighs just 3kg. Pedals are also included with the package so you don’t have to buy it separately.

Thrustmaster T300 RS is not compatible with Xbox, it is only compatible with PlayStation and PC. The force feedback of this wheel is really unique, the wheel base uses an industrial class brushless servomotor, this contributes to the high efficiency of the wheel. The handbrake is located in the front, this may be uncomfortable to use but you can buy a stick shifter and use it as a separate handbrake. This wheel is available for 400 dollars on amazon.


  • Great force feedback
  • Great price for the features
  • Very responsive


  • Handbrake may be uncomfortable

Thrustmaster TX

This is the Xbox version of the T300 RS, it is compatible with PC as well. The features are similar with the T300 RS but it has a slightly lower 900 degrees of rotation. You should note that the TX leather version is more expensive than the T300 RS, starting at 499 dollars on amazon. The feel and the look of this wheel may be very well worth the extra cash.


Some Thrustmaster wheels will come with an accompanying pedal set, either a 2-pedals set or a 3-pedals set. Thrustmaster also produces independent pedal sets to improve the racer’s experience. One awesome independent Thrustmaster pedal is the T3PA.

Thrustmaster T3PA

This is a 3-pedals set with a complete brake and clutch pedal. It provides realistic sensations with a conical stop made with high quality rubber beneath the brake pedal. It is compatible with the TX, T300, T500, T150, Ferrari 485 wheels from Thrustmaster and you can set the pressure to be applied to the brake. T3PA is made of metal and is very stable to withstand the force feedback form the wheel base with adjustable faceplate inclination so that your feet can find the perfect spot. It is possible to upgrade to the T3PA Pro where you can additionally have the pedals attached to the backplate or the front with a full metal build for more durability plus the pro version has a way cooler look. Of course, the upgraded version is 170 dollars while the regular version is 100 dollars.


Thrustmaster does not offer much package deals on their official ecommerce websites. Other racing equipment websites may offer up Thrustmaster gear in bundles for a discount when you buy them together. The only package Thrustmaster offers is the shifter and pedal package involving the TH8A shifter and T3PA pedal for 280 dollars.

Thrustmaster TH8A and T3PA

These two products are sold together for beginner or advanced sim racers. The TH8A gearbox has sturdy metal gear stick with 2 different driving styles; the H- pattern and the sequential shifting plate. It is compatible with all racing wheels available and it lets you slam through 7 speed with additional reverse gear but It may be difficult to mount in weird angles. This shifter is paired with the T3PA as pedals to improve the whole racing experience.


The newest Thrustmaster model is the Formula Wheel Add-on Ferrari SF1000 Edition. This wheel is a complete replica of the wheel from the 2020-2021 Ferrari race cars. it’s no secret that Thrustmaster continuously makes Ferrari wheels replicas but this wheel makes others look weak in comparison. I mean, you are literally racing with a life-size Ferrari wheel, full immersion doesn’t get any better than this.

It has 25 action buttons (11 physical buttons) with 7 encoders near the thumb of the user, the display and the bottom part built to allow easy access to controls. A magnetic paddle shifter can also be added to the wheel but it does not come as a standard, this shifter will prevent any driving error and allow an unlimited lifespan. The wheel is not left behind as it is completely made with carbon fiber (one of the most durable wheel construction material ever) combining stability with a light weight feel to give direct force feedback.

The Formula Wheel Add-on Ferrari SF1000 Edition is different from other wheels because it is completely compatible with the Thrustmaster T wheel bases series. That is the T300, TX, TS-PC, T-GT and TS-XW racing wheel bases and  It can be used by Xbox, PlayStation and PC users. This wheel is designed to give comfort to its users and it will be available at 350 dollars with the T-chrono paddles sold separately for 70 dollars. It is already available in Europe but it will be commercially available to the rest of the world in August, 26, 2021.

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