Many people wonder what the ultimate driving simulator is; the truth is that there is no perfect simulator that will completely satisfy everyone’s needs. Some racing or driving sims focus on achieving realism, while others focus more on entertainment. Racing simulators can also be fully customized or partly customized to suit your tastes. The following qualities will help you decide what your ultimate car driving sim should have:

Various Cars and Tracks Collection

If you are the type of person who loves driving on different tracks worldwide, a game with many cars and tracks collection will be perfect for you. Games like Forza motorsport has over 700 vehicles in their collection. You can always check online for how vast a game collection is before buying it.

Frequent Updates

There are always new cars being produced frequently. One of the reasons people turn to driving Sims is to experience the feel of a luxurious car without having to purchase it. Only the games that release updates regularly will be able to release new cars in the sim. Updates also tell you that the developers are working hard to make sure the driving simulator is at the best level it can be.


Some sims can be played anywhere; on a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, while others are exclusive o only one mode of use. Before getting a driving simulator, you have to check if it is compatible with the playing method that you have access to. Games that You can play anywhere will save you the stress of having to spend extra cash. You may also have to make sure the rest of your gaming set up like wheels, pedals, and brakes are compatible with your gaming console.


Some games strictly follow racing rules, making you experience everything a racer does when he is on track. This is not common in arcade racing games, and most cars survive the most dangerous turns and stunts. If you are new to driving Sims, you can change the settings to give less harsh consequences when you make mistakes. Not all games allow changes to every detail.

When you can assess all these important factors, you will discover the ultimate driving simulation for you. You can try out some great driving Sims: IRacing, RFactor, Arsetto Corsa, Forza motorsport, Dirt rally, and project cars.

Best Sim Driving Wheel (Logitech G920 Product Review)

Logitech G920 Product ReviewOne of the essential racing tools is a wheel; you can’t start a driving sim without a wheel. There a different types of wheels, some are budget-friendly while some are very expensive but more than make up for the expenses with extra features. If you have been searching for the perfect racing wheel, look no further. The very popular Logitech G920 is a great product to start racing with, it is compatible with PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, and so you can buy it without worries about what you are playing on. This racing wheel also imitates the design of a real-life racing car wheel with good quality metal paddle shifters and 900 degrees rotation. The upside of this is that you also get a set of pedals with the unit; it also gives strong force feedback with a brilliant gearstick.

The unsettling aspect f using this driving wheel is that the pedal is not as smooth to handle as it could be, and some customization settings are not available for some games. If you want to start racing, this is an affordable way to start. Most wheels come as a unit, and as such, they include pedals and brakes, but you may have to buy the shifter model. It is advisable to buy the other components from the same company to be compatible and work smoothly.

They are cheaper and more expensive, but the Logitech G920 is worth the price for a good racing experience.

Best driving sim Racing Seat

Best driving sim Racing SeatWhen you want to purchase a sim rig, you should first consider your budget because there are high-class luxury rigs and the rig’s space. Your rig needs to be sturdy enough to absorb the force feedback that your wheelbase gives. A highly coveted sea is the Playseat Evolution. It is highly affordable, a great choice for beginner racers, and is also used by many professional racers. One of the best things about this rig is that it is compatible with other brands like the Logitech G290 racing wheel, fanatech, and Thrustmaster. It can also be adjusted to suit different players’ preferences. You can change your wheel position and pedal placements; you also get a slider as part of the package when you purchase a Playseat evolution.

Playseat Evolution has a lot of good qualities, especially when it costs a little over three hundred dollars; the only downside of this rig is that it does not have a recline feature. Ergonomically, the seat’s position will not affect your playing; only larger sized people may feel uncomfortable when they cannot recline the seat.

Best screens and PC monitor for racing Sims button box

Best screens and PC monitor for racing Sims button box

This will determine the level of realism you feel when playing Sims; there are two types of monitors you can go for when playing with a PC. You can decide to use a single screen monitor is a triple set up monitor. Choosing a monitor depends on your budget and much range of visuals you want. A three-screen monitor has a wider range of visuals, and you will have a better sense of your surroundings. You can solve that problem with single curved screens by buying an ultra-widescreen that lets you view your surroundings too. The Samsung 49″ 144 Hz curved gaming monitor is a good single screen monitor to start gaming with. It is ultra-wide and will let you fully immerse yourself in the game. A cheaper alternative is the VG259Q, it is a regular monitor that is budget-friendly, it is also not curved, but it has a good screen resolution and fast response time. Triple screen monitors do not come cheap, and they also take up a lot of space. It is a great choice if you have the cash for it.


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